From the 4 Danzas from the ballet Estancia by Alberto Ginastera, a music video directed by Marco Cassini, featuring Sara Centorame. The music was transcribed by Martina Colli for the exclusive use of the Colli&Rubini Duo.
A dancer, whilst walking through the streets, suddenly hears the music and follows it. She eventually finds the duet: captured by the energy and the spirit of this piece, she starts dancing. We see the girl and her intense movements in the crowded Piazza Fontana di Trevi, along the silent, narrow streets of the centre, inside a cafe anf around the Palazzo del Quirinale. Her dance grabs the attention of everyone and the music permeates the air.
The idea of this video relates to the origin of the malambo as a male folk dance from Argentina. In our video, the dancer becomes a female and the countryside a city: Rome stands in for Buenos Aires as the femals dancer for the male ones. It all metamorphoses into a captivating experience where the music activates all the magic.


A short excerpt of one of our concerts: our grand finale this time was a jazz piece freely arranged by Martina Colli and transcribed for piano four hands. We will bring you to the exotic atmosphere of the Caribbean Island!